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Old Vine Shiraz
Gregor Shiraz
Shiraz Viognier
Shiraz Cabernet

our fine wine REGION

Situated in the Ranges of the Barossa Valley in South Australia,
Hobbs Fine Wines takes grapes from its family-held vineyard.

fine wine MAKING

Our vineyard is old - with shiraz vines planted a century ago - and our yields are low.


Hand picking berries at their optimum flavour ripeness.
Combining skill, attention-to-detail and passion.

To delight with the first taste.

obbs is tucked away in the Ranges of South Australia’s famed Barossa Valley, at Hobbs we take grapes from vines grown on our own family-held vineyard, and produce wines that make a statement in excellence.

We don’t make much. But everything we produce is the very best it can be. Production here is very limited, in fact the largest volume of any fine wine that we produce is 300 dozen; a drop in the ocean by today’s standards, but a very fine drop indeed.

We give grapes with a century-old pedigree, the care and respect they deserve, carefully nurturing the soil and crafting each picking, to create wines with exceptional flavours and character. Small we may be, but Hobbs wines are quickly gaining recognition as being amongst the world’s best red wines and dessert wines. Come and visit us in the Barossa Ranges.

Barossa; Be consumed.