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Hobbs Vintners

Produced from vines planted in 1905. Exhilarating to taste. Around 150 cases produced, not easy to find but worth the quest.


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A gentle monster, complex, long and expressive. This wine is rich and oh-so-decadent...

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SKU: Gregor17

Delicate floral notes combined with dense fruit flavours. Intriguing, alluring, power to boot.


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SKU: Tango17

A 'little brother' to our Gregor - soft, generous, and velvety. 

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SKU: Tin Lids 2018 Aria Secca

An impressive example of this great Australian blend. The wine shows plenty of fruit and an effortless elegance.

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SKU: Tin Lids 2018 Shiraz Cabernet

Hand picked in 2004. This wine was stored in French oak for 15 years. This is something very special. 

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SKU: Tin Lids Fortified Grenache 2004