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Hobbs Vintners

Our winemaking

The story of Hobbs began in 1995 when Greg and Allison’s next-door neighbour, and outstanding winemaker Chris Ringland, made their first few vintages. Since then, Chris directed them on the right path by guiding them in making their own wine, while joining them as a consultant and friend.

The Hobbs and Chris have enjoyed many a long and animated discussion, in the vineyard, and over meals paired with a glass of wine or two, as they blend thoughts and ideas that have formed the individual style of their wines. For the past four years, Greg and Allison have worked alongside Chris to make the 1905 Shiraz and the Tango Shiraz/ Viognier.

Hobbs of Barossa is similarly fortunate to work with Pete Schell (Spinifex Wines) who has been a winemaker with them for the past 10 years. He focuses now on the Gregor, Tin Lids and Viognier as well as their semi dried dessert wines. Pete has a sensational palate and nose as well as superb winemaking skills. He believes in the quality and influence of fruit and has inordinate integrity and honesty that is revealed in his winemaking style.

With a strong belief in their own fruit, the team’s combined skills and their desire to make only wines of exceptional quality, Hobbs are becoming one of Australia’s premium labels.