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Hobbs Vintners

About Us

We live in the Barossa Ranges in one of the Barossa's most magnificent old vineyards.

This timeless setting helps inspire the passion and craft in what we do. We love what we do.       

Allison and Greg

Greg and Allison with their family Sean, Bridget and Jessica moved to the historic 15 acre vineyard in 1995, leaving behind a city life for a new life among the vines. Managing their vineyard with sustainable agricultural practices they make their premium quality wine by concentrating on preserving the complex balance of natural flavours of the grapes.

Hobbs vineyard is home to some of the Barossa's oldest Shiraz, planted at the turn of the last century. The vineyard is nestled in the cool, beautiful Barossa Ranges, where the climate and distinct soil structure provide ideal conditions to produce fruit of unique quality.

At Hobbs we have a strong belief in the balance of nature and strive to maintain this balance between nature and agriculture by embracing an organic and bio-dynamic approach to managing our vineyard. We hand-prune each vine and hand-pick the fruit.

Through careful hand-pruning over the years, we’ve been able to remove the dead wood from our old vines, re-establishing their original shape. The result is renewed vitality, and the potential for these vines to prosper over another century or more.

We’ve lifted the trellising in our vineyard to give the vine canopies greater expanse. Increased sunlight exposure and the flow-through of breeze helps minimise disease pressure, as well as enhancing fruit ripening and flavour profiles.

The unique soil structure at the Hobbs vineyard allows our old vines to be dry-grown. We will water only in extreme conditions to maintain the health of the vines.

Our cooler climate ensures long, mild ripening conditions, resulting in the typically characteristic flavour and acid balance of the fruit".